Scaling Python Apps on App Service for Linux Containers

With the introduction of Linux and Containers to the App Service capabilities, the world of PaaS container hosting gets a little more palatable for those that are looking to modernize the application deployment footprints, but do not want to take on learning all of the intricacies of a running a full environment using something like Kubernetes. With containers on App Service we can reap the benefits of containerized deployments in addition to the benefits of the high-fidelity service integration that App Service has across the Azure services such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Container Registry, App Insights, and so on.

However, with a new system comes new things to understand in order to get the most out of the system. In this writing, I will focus on key considerations for scaling when hosting a containerized Python application using App Service. This is a key consideration as we move from the IIS + FastCGI world into the Linux + NGINX + uWSGI world in App Service.

To read the full write-up, please follow navigate to the repo where I’ve posted the content in the Readme and published the artifacts used while testing.  For easier copy-paste, the link is: https://github.com/jofultz/AppServiceContainerOptimization/blob/master/README.md.